115 Years in the making

Obia, Sardinian for Olive. In 1902 Mundiccu, a young man working seven days a week in local flour mills dreamt of saving enough money to marry his young sweeheart and buy a piece of land to farm and change their families fortunes.

Mundiccu's dream finally became reality in 1919. In 1948 Mundiccu and his best friend opened the first olive oil cooperative in the the south west of Sardina. Over the next four decades, the tiny village of Gonnosfanadiga became the largest producer of olive oil in the southwest of Sardinia.

In the winter of 2016 thousand of miles from the little village of Gonnosfanadiga, Mundiccu's grandson and two friends discussed the need for a quality family Italian restaurant in Purley...

...a little piece of Italy opened it's doors.